About the farm

The Kehler's - Jon, Sarah, Rory and Callum moved to Black Creek in 2014 from Alberta with a little dream of starting a market farm on the property. They spent the first year upgrading the land, fencing, draining, clearing, adding irrigation and renovating the barn for the laying hens.

2015 was the first growing season on the farm. They are learning the ropes of small scale vegetable farming and with a strong community to support them they hope to provide the best quality produce that supports the local economy and protects our valuble farmland.
  1. Farmer Sarah and Callum
    Farmer Sarah and Callum
    Getting the spring starts transplanted and ready to go!
  2. Hyline Brown laying hens
    Hyline Brown laying hens
    The girls hard to work!
  3. Farmer Jon
    Farmer Jon
    Cleaning up after the potato harvest in 2015.
  4. Callum and Rory
    Callum and Rory
    Eating the profits!